(2011 — 2012) Lead UI/UX Designer, ReverseVision

Full cycle of UI design for web and desktop applications. Includes storyboards, usability research, photoshop mock-ups, icons & illustrations, html/xaml prototyping.

Major customers:

- FXOpen, Forex trading client application with tickers, graphs and data grids
- ReverseVision, the market-leading reverse-mortgage software with dozens of complicated and sophisticated screens, forms, tables and graphs.

(2009 — 2011) Senior UI/Graphics Designer, Friendlyway AG

User interface design for web, Flash and Silverlight applications, from graphic mock-ups to XAML/HTML templates, styles and page prototypes, custom user controls, visual feedback effects on touch screen user gestures.

Projects: municipal information systems acting as interactive customer advisory services, trade center path-finding, banking and touristic terminals, etc. A few Flash applications, e.g. Weather Forecast, RSS feed reader, Ads-broadcasting flash templates, etc.

Customers: Bosh, Kempinski, Husqvarna, Raiffeisen Bank Austria, BMW, Schuster Sporthaus, Shaeffler, Edeka, Euronics, Avis Car Rental, MyNetFair.

(2007 — 2008) Senior UI Designer, IMDSoft

UI design of MetaVision Suite, the leading clinical information system worldwide. The huge, complex, extremely functional application for monitoring and analyzing vital data from critical care patients.

Usability research via contacting user groups for testing and feedback, creating storyboards and guidelines from customer requirements, defining of the product look-and-feel, designing sketches, drawing graphic elements, controls and illustrations used in the application. Design implementation supervision.

(2001 — 2007) Senior Graphics Designer, EPAM Systems

Graphics and UI design of web applications, websites, icons, advertising, publishing, corporate identities and collaterals. Design of mock-ups, user interfaces, page layouts and navigation for medium/large enterprise applications. Developing project prototypes, specifications, storyboards, style guides, user scenarios, workflow diagrams.

(2000 — 2001) Web Designer, Intetics

Web Design for small/medium web sites and web applications, HTML/CSS/JavaScript prototyping. Visual graphics design: concepts, mock-ups, user interfaces, web sites, banners etc.

Key Skills

Graphics and User Interface Designer, experienced in research and analysis of elegant solutions to solve complex UI/UX design problems.

Ability of creating of full-cycle design solutions from graphics mock-ups to prototype-ready templates.

Web design skills: Thorough background in HTML/CSS, including up to date knowldge of HTML5, CSS3 and modern browser specifics.

Mobile design skills: high quality graphics and usable interface for both iOS/Win Phone interactive touchable applications, good knowledge of interaction design guidelines.

XAML design skills: creation of XAML prototypes, styles, templates, custom user controls in Microsoft Expression Blend, deep knowledge of control styles and templates, style triggers, visual states, animated transition storyboards, vector icons and brushes and familiarity with resource dictionaries and data binding.

Efficient and fast transforming wireframes and user interface design into XAML files for Silverlight/WPF applications. Collaboration for simultaneous GUI creation with software developers.

Creative graphics design using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, including mock-ups, application layouts, navigation, product icons etc.

Broad expertise in complex User Interface design for both web and windows applications, from modern touchable mobile interfaces to specific interactive solutions for medical equipment, digital signage and public information devices (i.e. city guide information system, way-finding system, shopping mall visitor information etc).

Advanced usage of Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Flash Professional, Corel Draw, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Expression Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Knowledge of Flash/ActionScript, XML/XSLT/RSS, PHP/MySQL.

Strong knowledge of principals of GUI Design and Usability. Comprehensive expertise in computer graphics, contemporary design trends, typography, web technologies. Quick prototyping, storyboarding and documenting of project with GUI design tools (Balsamiq, Axure, Visio).

Knowledge of software development life cycle and workflow (time reporting, bug tracking, usage of SVN/TFS version control tools).