Hello, my name is Alexey! I'm a visual & UI designer with over 12 years of experience. Currently I resides in Minsk, Belarus, but I'm working with clients and companies from all over the world.

My primary focus is UI design for web/mobile/desktop applications. Also, I craft icons, illustrations, collateral graphics and create prototypes. I have designed websites and  interfaces for industry-leading software, e-commerce, large and medium companies, small start-ups and more.

One of my favorite skills is the Metro-style UI for Windows Phone/Windows 8. I create simple, crisp and attractive UI for Windows applications, and develop HTML/XAML prototypes including styles, templates and animated visual effects.

I really love to create engaging interfaces and to find elegant solutions for complex UI/UX design problems. I eagerly strive to achieve perfection in my work. Whether you need a mobile or web application with custom user interface or just a set of modern-looking icons, I can create an outstanding appearance for your project.

I spend my spare time bringing up my little children, observing night sky and learning to play piano. Also, I'm a big fun of art, especially painting and pencil drawing.

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